From the creator of 'da Kink in my Hair, comes Trey Anthony’s most thought provoking play yet..

How Black Mothers Say I Love You is a tale of a mother and her three daughters and their attempts to love each other in less than ideal circumstances. Daphne is a Caribbean mother who leaves her two daughters behind in Jamaica for six years. This separation has devastating consequences on each family member who are all searching for love, reconciliation and forgiveness. How Black Mothers Say I Love You, explores our own desire and urgent need for truth and how we respond to what has been left unsaid. The play featuring an original score that blends gospel, reggae, dub, and R&B with classical music, by Juno award winning composer Gavin Bradley.

GIRLS IN BOW TIES is a production company founded by trey anthony ('da kink in my hair) and Carys Lewis to create and present work that gives voice to womyn of colour through staged theatre productions; film and video productions; outreach programs for girls, youth and women of colour; and mentoring and training for young female artists of colour.

On May 5th, 2016 we asked 200 girls of colour to Factory Theatre in Toronto to attend Trey Anthony’s LATEST PLAY. We invited them to explore the wonderful world of theatre and to connect with the cast and creative team. The performance included a talk back and featured a special Jamaican themed reception.

It was our hope to give these young girls a chance to experience theatre that is made with them in mind. To share characters which they can relate to, featuring stories from their community, produced by a community who truly represents them.